Earth Month 2020: A Recap


Each year Earth Month seems to grow in popularity. More and more people are joining this movement, taking note of this important cause and taking responsibility for their actions and their impact on the earth. Along with Earth Month’s growth in popularity, there is a notable influx of fascinating information delivered via resources that can be read, watched, followed, listenened to and supported.

While this abundance of information is good news for our world, it can also be incredibly overwhelming.

So, we at KOOSHOO wanted to put together a handy recap of many of the great things we found this Earth Month, all in one convenient place. (Completely unsponsored…just things we genuinely think are great!)

We’ve linked as much as we can below, so it is accessible and easy to explore. If there are any other great resources you’ve come across, feel free to share them in the comments below!

Great Articles

  1. How to make the switch to a zero waste hair care routine - Mane Addicts

    By Ashley Locke

  2. 50 Years of Earth Day: What’s better Today, and What’s Worse - The New York Times

    By Brad Plumer and John Schwartz

  3. Zero-Waste Businesses That are Still Running and Want Your Support - Green Matters

    By Sophie Hirsh

  4. Recap of the 50th Anniversary: Digital Earth Day Connects Millions in Global Calls To Action

  5. The first earth day was 50 years ago but these photos feel timeless - Buzzfeed News

    By Kate Bubacz

Plus a few of our own articles…😉

  1. Simple Swaps to start a plastic-free journey

  2. The Revolution that is Changing Fashion

  3. Who Makes our Plastic-Free Hair Ties and Why it Matters


Informational Resources

  1. Mother Nature Network

  2. World Wildlife

  3. Going Zero Waste Blog

  4. GOTS Info

  5. OEKO TEX Info


For Kids

  1. National Geographic games and info

  2. Sustainability Science Experiments

  3. Family activities to teach about sustainability 

  4. Quarantine activities for toddlers and kids


Accounts to Follow

  1. @zero.waste.collective

  2. @zerowastehome

  3. @packagefreeshop

  4. @zerowastechef


Movies to Watch

  1. Dr. Seuss The Lorax

  2. Our Planet

  3. A Plastic Ocean

  4. Jane

  5. The True Cost 

  6. Disneynature Oceans 

  7. Disney's WALL-E

  8. Minimalism


Small Businesses to Support

  1. Package Free Shop

  2. Unwrapped Life

  3. Abeego Wraps

  4. Elate Cosmetics

  5. Nelson Naturals


Main Takeaways

  1. Progress over Perfection

  2. Support Small Businesses when you can…especially during these tough times.

  3. Don’t feel pressure to buy EVERY eco product out there. Use what you have first!

  4. Do your research…make sure what you are purchasing is truly eco friendly and you know who you are supporting.

  5. Do your best, support one another, be kind.

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