KOOSHOO plastic-free black hair ties that are consciously created, fairtrade and handmade using fair rubber #color_black

Plastic-Free Hair Ties Black

KOOSHOO organic and plastic-free hair ties for blond hair. Consciously created, using fair rubber and certified fair trade #color_blond

Plastic-Free Hair Ties Blond

KOOSHOO plastic-free hair elastics for red heads. Ginger hair ties with dark red, light pink, coffee light brown, apricot/ light orange and white #color_ginger

Plastic-Free Hair Ties Ginger

KOOSHOO plastic-free hair ties feeling festive that are organic, biodegradable and consciously created. Holiday season gift inspired christmas red, green, taupe, burnt orange and white #color_feeling-festive
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Plastic-Free Hair Ties Feeling Festive

$11.25 $15.00
KOOSHOO plastic-free hair ties in silver, for gray hair. Consciously created and in 5 different colors. Navy blue, violet, light brown, gray and white #color_silver

Plastic-Free Hair Ties Silver

Light white and cream scrunchie set that is hand crafted using certified organic cotton #color_natural-light
On sale

Plastic-Free Scrunchies Natural Light

$11.00 $20.00
KOOSHOO plastic-free scrunchies in sunrise. Ultimate gray and bright illuminating yellow #color_sunrise
On sale

Plastic-Free Scrunchies Sunrise

$15.00 $20.00
KOOSHOO organic twist headband in illuminating yellow pantone colors of the year. Bright and summery head accessory that has a sustainable multi-use design #color_luminous-yellow
On sale

Organic Twist Headbands Luminous Yellow

$20.00 $25.00
KOOSHOO organic twist headband in bright pink sugar coral. Consciously created sustainable multi-use design made from certified organic cotton #color_sugar-coral
On sale

Organic Twist Headbands Sugar Coral

$20.00 $25.00

Golden Shades

$54.00 $60.00

Black Shades

$54.00 $60.00

Ginger Shades

$54.00 $60.00

Silver Shades

$54.00 $60.00

Brown Shades

$54.00 $60.00

The Understated Bundle

$54.00 $60.00

The Classics Bundle

$54.00 $60.00

Spa Day Bundle

$54.00 $60.00

Be Active Bundle

$54.00 $60.00

Be Playful Bundle

$54.00 $60.00

Dark and Dependable Bundle

$58.50 $65.00

Headband Favs Bundle

$67.50 $75.00
plant-based hair accessories for scuba divers, swimmers and surfers #color_ocean-lovers-bundle

Ocean Lovers Bundle

$54.00 $60.00

Feeling Festive Bundle

$54.00 $60.00

Ultimate Stocking Stuffers Bundle

$63.75 $75.00

Mini Stocking Stuffers Bundle

$29.75 $35.00
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