About Us

meet rachel and jesse

“We are actively shaping the future we wish to live in. A future where we all feel the awe, peace and balance of nature so deeply that we are inspired to protect and preserve it. We want to make our mark on the world without leaving a mark on the planet.”

- Rachel and Jesse, Founders of KOOSHOO

our story

KOOSHOO was born from the philosophy that business is a powerful way to share our message. From the beginning, as 26 year-olds contemplating the future and how we could make the most positive impact in our lifetimes, we decided that creating a business would have furthest reach and produce greater results than any of us could as individuals. The dream was to create a purpose-led brand that would produce something with the intent to change how things are done moving forward - to embody a cultural shift in sustainable living.

how it started

we set out to make one small change that would have a big impact

A wrong turn in Borneo led us to a man who happened to own the first recycling plant in the area - an area so destroyed by the industry that existed only to produce goods for Western consumption. This was the first of many moments that lit our path. We learned more about conscious consumerism, zero waste and plastic-free movements. We did a deep dive into supply chains, organic natural materials, fair wages and ethical treatment. We set out on a path to create a sustainable product that fills a need and empowers our customers - without adding to the load that is weighing down our planet. We set out to make one small change that would have a big impact. And KOOSHOO was born.

every good act, however small, uplifts someone

We are accountable for the life cycle of our products from start to finish – from the earth and back to the earth. Our consumption as a species has an impact, both positive and negative.We want to be part of the change. We are here to embody a cultural shift in sustainable living - making better things in a better way.

This means sourcing natural materials that are renewable, organic, plant-based and plastic-free, and then following their journey through every stage – from harvesting to manufacturing to shipping and natural disposal. At each step along the way, we focus on ethical treatment, fair wages and sustainable practices that empower both the creator and the consumer, while being gentle on the earth.


We started KOOSHOO as one small change that could make a big difference. We want to live more than a better life, we want to truly do good. Part of this greater mission is to leave this beautiful planet and its beings in better shape than we found it. To be fully transparent and respectful of our impact on the environment, on communities and on individuals. Each day we work together to create a lifestyle that feels balanced, joyful, inspired, and grateful.

This is about so much more than hair accessories. We are creating better products in a better way, while bringing meaning and connection to the world. Products that will last – but not in a landfill. Hair. Care.

“When you choose KOOSHOO hair accessories you are choosing organic, biodegradable and responsibly created products that are stylish, last longer and don’t damage your hair. It's quality, style and performance without the ethical compromise. That's a choice that feels good.”


kooshoo means feeling good

Our current “home base” (headquarters) is Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, where Rachel grew up, and where her family has been for seven generations. Remote and very tiny at only 3x5 miles, the subtropical climate is made for self-reliance and the interdependence with nature - and depends on its population living a sustainable life. Norfolk Islanders feel a deep sense of pride and a responsibility to take care of their home. They speak a unique and special blend of 18th Century English and Tahitian. In the beautiful language of Norfuk, “KOOSHOO” means “feeling good.”

our vision

we are part of a greater movement

We believe that responsible companies operate in a way that is accountable to both people and planet. When consumers support these businesses, they help create a movement that spurs other brands to adopt the same commitment to accountability along the supply chain. At KOOSHOO, conscious manufacturing and fair trade labour go hand-in-hand. It’s not enough for companies to use clean ingredients but then opt for the cheapest labour available. Consumers can push back with their voices and choices - and only support brands whose ethics line up with theirs. Voting with your dollars for the future you wish to see will resonate and will create change on a greater scale.