8 Ways to Wear Your KOOSHOO Scrunchies


You may have heard…a beloved 80s hair accessory is back in style and we are embracing it with open arms. The scrunchie… totally retro, comfy & casual, a true oldie but a goodie. But at KOOSHOO we aren’t making just any old scrunchies, we have re-created the Scrunchie for a generation that expects better of their products. No longer is a bit of flair enough to make a great product - now it’s all about ethics, sustainability, on-trend colours and of course, a little flair too!

Earlier this year we launched this already celebrated reinvention of the Scrunchie - our new line of Organic Cotton Scrunchies to be more precise - and we LOVE how much you have all been loving them! (Read our post to learn more about The Most Responsible Scrunchie Ever Made)

Today we’ll take you through a styling guide to get the most out of your new plastic-free Scrunchies with 8 cute, casual and super easy ways to style this fun accessory.

Tip: Always start each scrunchie hair style with the scrunchie(s) you will be using on your dominant wrist.

1. How to Style Your Scrunchie: The Low Ponytail


The Low Ponytail is the low-hanging fruit of scrunchie styles! Simply start by brushing out any tangles and gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Next, add your Organic Scrunchie (pictured is the Shadow portion of our popular Moon Shadow pack) and twist it around until it feels secure. To finish, loosen any pieces at the top and side of your head that feel too tight.

Beautiful! You’ve mastered the Low Pony!

2. Our Favourite Scrunchie Hairstyle: The Top Knot


A signature scrunchie look, the Top Knot will always deliver with any outfit!

Flip your hair over the front of your head and gather it in a ponytail on the top of your head. Use your fingers or a brush to smooth out any bumps or strays if you want a tidy look. Next, flip your head back up and begin to twist the ponytail until it begins to naturally curl around itself forming a bun shape. Hold the bun with one hand and place your scrunchie (pictured is the Blush portion of our Blush Walnut Plastic-Free Scrunchies) over the top to hold the bun in place.

3. How to Style your Organic Scrunchies: The “Half Up Half Down”


This easy-to-do scrunchie style tidies up your look with very little effort.

Take a small section of hair from the top and sides of your head, and gather them together at the back. Pull back any flyaways and make sure there is enough hair to hold the scrunchie. Take more from the sides if necessary to fill out the pony. Add your scrunchie in place, and pull it tight to secure.

4. Organic Scrunchie Hairstyles: The Side Braid


A classic look, elevated by a cute, organic KOOSHOO scrunchie at the end. Add some colour to your outfit, or keep it neutral, either way the scrunchie adds gorgeous, organic texture and looks lovely with any hair colour.

Bring all of your hair to one side of your face and begin your braid below your ear. Place your scrunchie at the bottom leaving some space at the end. (Note: If you need your braid to hold tighter, we recommend first using a plastic-free KOOSHOO hair tie and then placing the scrunchie over the top.) Lastly, loosen the braids by pulling it out a little with your fingers to give it a more full look.

5. Super Easy Scrunchie Hairdo: The Low Bun


An effortless hairstyle that always delivers and looks like a million bucks. If you have places to go and people to see, grab your KOOSHOO scrunchie and give this hairdo a try. It does not disappoint.

Gather all of your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Use your fingers or a brush to smooth out the top and sides. Begin to twist the pony tail until it begins to naturally curl around itself into a bun shape. Keep twisting until it has formed a bun and is tight enough. Add the scrunchie to hold in place.

6. Perfect Scrunchie Style: The High Ponytail


This hair style is perfect when you are on the move, running errands, for those hot summer days, or truly anytime you need your hair kept back out of your face.

For this style we recommend flipping your hair over the front of your head. Gather all of your hair into a ponytail on the top of your head. While your hair is still flipped forward, use your fingers to gather any stray hairs and smooth out any bumps. Flip your hair back up and tie in the scrunchie until it feels secure.

7. Fun Ways to Wear your Organic Scrunchie: The Double Scrunchie Messy Top Bun


A go-to for busy students, the messy top bun is a cute and effortless look you should totally try out. Take it up a notch by adding a second scrunchie for some more volume and colour.

Again, begin by flipping your hair over the front of your head and gather it in a loose ponytail on the top of your head. Fold the hair over itself and add in the first scrunchie. Don’t overthink this one and try not to tidy the hair too much...the messier the better! Then grab your second scrunchie and add it over the top. Pull a few pieces of hair out to frame the face and give a more relaxed look.

8. Creative Scrunchie Hairstyle: The Triple Scrunchie Ponytail


Get creative with your KOOSHOO scrunchies! Can’t decide which cute scrunchie colour to wear? Why wear one when you can wear 3?

Grab your 3 favourite KOOSHOO scrunchie colours. Brush your hair back into a high ponytail. The longer your hair, the higher you should make the ponytail. Add your first scrunchie in and pull the ponytail tight. Then add the second scrunchie about half way down the ponytail. Make sure it is tight enough that it won’t slide out. Finally add the third scrunchie at the bottom, leaving a few inches of hair below. Then using your fingers, loosen some of the hair in between the scrunchies to add volume and create a fun, playful look.

We want to see how you wear your KOOSHOO scrunchies! Get creative, take a photo and tag us on social media @feelingkooshoo #KooshooScrunchieStyle! #KooshooAtHome

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