A Look Back on the One Year Anniversary of the KOOSHOO Kickstarter

One year ago today the KOOSHOO Kickstarter was funded. 

In the months that followed we shipped the 12 outfit in 1 Journey Shawls (plus postcards, headbands & hairties) to 23 countries around the world. 

The year since? Well, turns out that was just the beginning of the adventure. 

For starters, we're now parents to a beautiful 5 month old little girl.

We didn't mention anything at the time but just as we began shooting for the Kickstarter, we learnt that we had a baby on the way - in case the emotions of a crowdfunding campaign weren't already enough! :) 


The Journey Shawl Year One

In the bustle that was last summer you may have missed the release of the Journey Shawl How-to-Wear videos (or perhaps you just want a refresher). No worries, we've put together a super handy blog post listing 13 of the many, many ways to wear. We want to make sure you are getting the very most out of your product!

In the past year the Journey Shawl has been the subject of countless photo shoots, both internally here at KOOSHOO and with Press and customers worldwide. Here's a preview from some of these shoots.


If you have a favorite Journey Shawl photo, we would love to see it. Be sure to tag it, #journeyshawl, also tagging us on social media (InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest). 

The Journey Shawl is available on our website, Amazon and ETSY and is flying out the door now that Spring has sprung. In case you missed out last year, or are ready to add another to your wardrobe, now's the time to pick one up.  

In celebration of the 1 year Kickstarter Anniversary and a thank you for all the support, here's a coupon code for 15% off any Journey Shawl purchase, good through the end of April. Use code KICKSTARTKOOSHOO at checkout on www.kooshoo.com

Other Highlights From the Year That Was

  • KOOSHOO is now available in more places than ever, with shops on AmazonETSY and a few more surprises in the works. If you're regulars to either of those platforms, check out our stores and make your shopping this spring even easier. 
  • A collection of new headband colors were launched, including our already-best-selling Marsala ENSO and HU headbands, Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year. Check out our headbands to see what's new. 
  • Speaking of men, the past year we updated the Men's product photographs with the result being sales of Men's headbands took off. Men: we want you to know that the perfect men's headband does exist. Ladies, that handsome fella you see in most of the photos is none other than Rachel's brother and yes, he's single. ;) 
  • We launched a brand new blog, The Feel Good Daily (now Ponytales), an interactive (videos, music and conversations), thought-provoking, inspirational space for all things feeling good. Good news: if you're reading this you've already found the new blog. Once you've finished here, click onwards for how-to-wear videos, meditation videos, behind the scenes scoops and content that will simply make you smile.

What's Next?

Now that our little Bub is 5 months old, we're ready to emerge into the light from the tunnel that is early parenthood. 

For starters, we'll be rolling out new Spring/Summer 2015 headband colors first thing in May (to stay in the know sign up in the upper right hand margin of this page). We already have them shot and they look fabulous! 

We'll again be out and about at festivals in BC this summer. If you're planning on being at Wanderlust Whistler be sure to come visit. 

And though it's still early days, we're working on a little something-something that could just be huge. Be sure to also let us know your thoughts!


Thanks for being part of this journey. So excited to share with you all the great things to come. 

Our very best,

Jesse & Rachel
(KOOSHOO Founders)

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