Everything you need to know about our new plastic-free ROUND Hair Ties

What makes these different from other hair ties I see in the drugstore?

Good question! And the short answer is “almost everything.” 

They may look like the other hair elastics around, but that’s about all they have in common. The KOOSHOO Rounds are up to 2.5x stronger. They’re way more comfortable too - made of plant-based biodegradable materials, including organic cotton (because your hair deserves the very best). Organic cotton is the softest natural textile in the world. And unlike silk, it’s cruelty free. 

They’re also completely plastic-free, come in a range of shades designed specifically by KOOSHOO to give you unique options - whether you’re looking to match the trends, make a statement or blend in with your own hair colour(s) and they are made in Japan, known for some of the best craftsmanship in the world, because it was important to us that we deliver the highest quality hair tie in the world. 

organic zero waste round hair elastics

Why are they more expensive than other hair ties?

The price of every other hair tie on earth is artificially low because corners have been cut. That's the truth.
  • People have not been paid or treated fairly, nor has safety been a priority along the supply chain - while picking the raw material, dyeing the product, sewing the product, and printing the packaging. 
  • In many cases, the water used for dyeing has not been cleaned before returning to community waterways. 
  • Many dyes are toxic, as that is a cheaper option. 
  • Pesticides are commonly used to maximize crop efficiency, causing long-term detriment of the planet. 
  • Most other hair ties are made of a plastic derivative and will therefore outlive your great-great-great-great-great grandchildren. 
  • Packaging and bags used for shipping are plastic - again, because it’s cheaper. 
  • And as awful as it sounds, shortcuts were deliberately taken on quality because if your hair tie snaps, it means you have to buy more. They are created to be disposable. 

The truth of the industry is that corners have been cut to maximize margin for the brand while competing on price for your attention. 

We started the KOOSHOO brand to prove that business can be a way that allows everyone to win - the makers, the customers, the planet - and the price of our hair ties is a true reflection of this.

Our products reflect the true price of a hair tie that uplifts all workers, protects the planet and outperforms every other hair tie you've ever owned. It's an affordable and stylish vote for a fair and equitable future - one in which our planet is healthy, and quality, ethics and good business prevail. 

Our hair ties are built to last (just not in a landfill). You will use them and hang on to them, and then they will find their way back to the earth. Can you put a price on that?

KOOSHOO plastic-free hair tie minis in Golden Fibres off-packaging

Why are there two sizes?

We designed the Rounds with our global family in mind - to make sure that there is an option for everyone.

Let us explain the hair ‘dos and don’ts - and you can always reach out to us at connect@kooshoo.com if you have questions or need our stylists to help you make up your mind… but if you’re on the fence, maybe get both ;)

The Minis

best hair ties for thin hair

Ok so let’s start with the Minis. Small in size but not in style or performance. They are the go-to for thin hair or for looks that only use small pieces of hair (think multiple ponytails or small braids), and also a good option for kids.

So whether you say “oui” to a few French braids, a crown that’s half-up/ half down, or a tiny accent braid or two, these small-but-mighty ties will ‘do. They don’t hold as much hair as the Mondos, but we don’t all have thick, flowing strands, do we? 

The Mondos
best eco hair elastics

Mondos are a larger version of the same new idea. Great for bigger braids, puffier ponies, thick tresses, colossal curls, substantial strands, man-buns, top-knots, tiktok trends, and really just a must-have for almost anyone. They hold a lot of hair without pulling or damage.

Big love for these ones!

This size also fits on the wrist, which we all know is where we like to keep them when we let our hair down! 

And if you’re the type who likes to analyze as you accessorize, we’ve got a blog that compares these new Rounds to our original Flats, so you can see exactly what makes them both special. We can’t wait to see how your KOOSHOO collection takes shape!

KOOSHOO plant-based hair ties Minis and Mondos being used together in dark hair

What makes them eco-friendly?

Every step of the process - from the non-toxic dyes, to our packaging and shipping materials. Just like all KOOSHOO products, these hair heroes are all about the zeros (zero waste, zero toxins, zero damage to the people and the planet).

We are proud of the designations we have earned and those we share with the facilities where our products are manufactured. We have listed a few below, along with some of the many reasons they are so important. Note that these just pertain to the environment; we have other designations for supply-chain ethics.

FSC certified rubber plantations.

No deforestation, no displacement of native animals, no pesticides, and of course, fair pay. Not all natural rubber is made equally - jungles can be cleared for rubber plantations and that's why FSC certified plantations are so important. Read to learn more? Read all about the importance of natural rubber in hair accessories here

GOTS organic cotton.

No pesticides or insecticides, healthy crop rotation promoting native bees and plants, no poisons on the hands of workers or in their waterways. And of course, fair pay and safe working conditions. Read why to choose organic cotton over conventional cotton here. 

Made from plants (ours) vs. made from petrochemicals (pretty much every other hair tie).

One will return to the earth (ours), the other will outlive you by hundreds of years. How many hair ties have you lost in your lifetime? They all still exist somewhere in their entirety. Let’s stop that practice. Read about what happens to your hair ties when you're done with them here

GOTS non-toxic dye.

Enforces that not only are dyes non-toxic but dye houses must clean all dye waters to drinking water levels before returning the water to communities. In some developing communities, a certification like GOTS often makes the water CLEANER after dye than before! Read about why non-toxic dyes are so important in fashion here.  

FSC certified paper packaging.

Responsibly sourced plastic-free paper packaging that is 100% recyclable was a non-negotiable for us. The global practice of shipping billions of single-use plastic-bags just to keep garments and accessories clean as they travel from factory to consumer is frightening, irresponsible and unimaginably damaging to the planet. Read more about our plastic-free shipping policies here 

eco friendly hair ties

Why do you make them in Japan? 

We searched this beautiful planet for a supply chain partner whose ethical and cultural values aligned with ours. And our ‘do diligence paid off when we connected with a 4th generation hair elastic manufacturer in Japan - a family business operating since the 1920s! 

We believe that you, our customers, deserve the highest quality product in the world, and we chose a partner from a country known for their meticulous standards when it comes to quality, working conditions and pay. This is a culture known to never cut corners when it comes to performance, and the proof is in the quality of these Rounds.

Japan is also a founding member state of the International Labour Organisation.

The family business we work with has proven to be another incredible KOOSHOO partner with a commitment to quality, integrity and craftsmanship without compromise. We chose to spend the extra money to ensure the highest standards at all points on the supply chain - from the health and treatment of the people making them to the quality of the product and the long term positive effects on our planet. To us, the investment is worth it and our customers understand this too.

Fashion Revolution KOOSHOO team photo

How do I take care of them?

This probably isn’t something you’ve given much thought to before now. Other hair ties are designed to be disposable, single-use accessories. You wear them a couple of times, they snap (or go missing), you toss them and move on to the next one. The old hair ties don’t need “care” because they weren’t created to last.

The Rounds, on the other hand, are designed specifically to last. They won’t snap, they won’t fray and they won’t quickly lose their shape or stretch out, so here’s how to keep them looking and performing their best: 

Like with all KOOSHOO accessories, a little care goes a long way. To maximize longevity, avoid storing them in direct sunlight, stretching them while wet, or letting oils and hair products linger on them. Wash your KOOSHOO Rounds with like colors in cold water and lay flat to dry. Good as new.

KOOSHOO plastic-free hair ties in Golden Fibres on wrist

How long will they last?

Just like all of our products, the Minis and the Mondos are built to last (and last and last). We’ve tested them, and they’re at least 2.5x stronger than any other eco-conscious hair tie out there.

But ultimately, they are made from plants, which by their very nature, will break down eventually. You’ll get every penny’s worth out of your Hair Ties - that we can promise. They’ll even get softer and fluffier as time goes on. But eventually they will need to be retired.

When you’re finally done with them, they can be reused in all sorts of ways - to hold up garden stakes, to seal the tops of your cloth bags, to bundle your pencils or pens together, bunch up your veggies or tie the up (hide!) your wires and plugs - before eventually returning them back to the earth. Learn more about end-of-life strategies for your hair ties here

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"The best hair tie I've ever used. The fact that it adheres to my standards of a planet friendly product is a bonus!"
- Melody P.

"You guys, these scrunchies are ridiculous. I have THICK hair and I'm so pumped that not only can I wrap it around my hair twice, but it stays in without slowly falling out."
Sarah L

"I think the headband is my favourite one I have ever worn to be honest!!"
Kaitlynn M.