A Candid Mama Earth Podcast Conversation with KOOSHOO Founders, Rachel and Jesse

We recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed on Mama Earth Podcast hosted by the brilliant Mariska Nell. In it, we covered a lot of ground, discussing how KOOSHOO came to be, what it means to be a "consciously-operated business" and why it's so critical to the world that customers hold their favourite businesses to account. 

We're proud of how the conversation came out and think you'll really enjoy this episode. To listen, click on the link below where you get your podcasts. If podcasts are new to you and you don't have an account with any of the following platforms, click through to Mariska's website to listen there (it's the bottom link). 


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Website for Mama Earth Podcast KOOSHOO Episode

Here's a little more about the Mama Earth Podcast, in Mariska's words:

The Mama Earth Talk podcast was started as a passion project after wearing my own trash for 30 days and receiving many questions about reducing waste and sustainable living.

The podcast was started in August 2018 as I tried to answer many of the questions I received, by interviewing experts to learn along with my audience a.k.a. the crazy birds.

The podcast quickly grew into a forum that showcases the amazing things that many people are doing to make the planet better, and serve as a source of hope and inspiration for many. A few of my amazing guests include Zero Waste Queen, Bea Johnson, activist and humanitarian Rob Greenfield, Chief Heart officer for Gary Vaynerchuck, Claude Silver, Climate optimist Kathryn Kellogg, zero-waste chef Max La Manna and many more.

Be sure to check out Mariska's website for more great resources and once you've had a listen of the podcast, let us know what you think below. Hopefully, this helps spur further conversations where you are. 


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