Why it Matters that We Use Non-Toxic, Low-Impact Dyes

The colorful business of dye is not as bright as one might think.

Conventional Dyes vs Low-Impact Dyes

Conventional dyes contain toxic chemicals that end up poisoning soil and waterways. In the textile industry alone, up to 200,000 tons of dye find their way into the environment every year - inhibiting plant growth and entering the food chain as carcinogenic agents.

And beyond the catastrophic effect on the planet, working with conventional dyes can have devastating effects on the people who work with them - from layers of their skin peeling off after working with conventional dyes to bladder cancer caused by direct dyes made with highly toxic benzidine. And even those who live close to a factory that uses conventional dyes are at risk, as carcinogenic remnants can be found in drinking water. 

The Dyes that KOOSHOO Uses 

At KOOSHOO, we are committed to the use of low impact dyes because they’re the most eco-friendly dyeing method both for sustainability and practicality reasons.

Conventional Dye vs Low-Impact Dye vs Natural Dye

KOOSHOO Co-Founder, Jesse, at our OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified dye house

As well as being better for the environment than conventional dyes, low impact dyes are even more sustainable than natural dyes when you take into account overall viability. Unlike natural dyes, low impact dyes don’t contain any toxic chemicals and don’t require mordants (toxic substances that fix dyes to fabric). They require significantly less water during the dyeing process, because low impact dyes permanently bond with the fibers.

Low impact dyes are a kind of non toxic fabric dye that have been certified as eco-friendly by OEKO-TEX with their Standard 100 label. OEKO-TEX is an international trademark with stringent standards for product safety and sustainability, so you can be sure any dyes with the Standard 100 label are completely devoid of harmful substances.

All KOOSHOO products are dyed using low-impact dyes certified by both OEKO-TEX and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). 

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