Should KOOSHOO Make Baby Tights?


A pretty great thing happened today. 

In a spring clean, Rachel and I started going through rejected dye samples from over the past 2 years - keeping those we liked, recycling those we didn't. 

By the time we'd finished we had a bright and colorful bag of potential - a crafter's delight. 

That's when Leilani, Rachel's sister, occasional KOOSHOO collaborator, and founder of Wawaha Nation, a new women's fashion brand about to make serious waves, walked by and spotted the bag. 

Almost immediately she asked: "can I use this to make Dayva (our ridiculously awesome 4 month old little girl) some tights?" 

Before she'd even sewn the organic cotton elastic into the waistband we knew something great had just happened.

The hand dyed Batik patterning, well known from our top selling ENSO Batik Headbands, looked phenomenal when cut into the shape of leggings. Combined with the eco credentials of the oh-my-God soft organic cotton and it felt like we'd accidentally stumbled on what could be our next big product. 

I put a couple pairs of the tights on the floor and took a quick pic for Instagram and Facebook. Just before dinner I posted to both networks, not thinking much of it. 


Within 30 seconds of posting, messages from around the world were flowing in: 

WOW! This should be in your product line!
I want!!!
These are adorable! When can I order these on the KOOSHOO website?
Heck, I'd buy a matching adult pair!
OMG!!! I'm dying- these are the cutest things I've ever seen!! 
Love! I'd totally sell them in my children's shop!

Well... you get the point. By the time the dust had settled we'd received 100 comments in just a few hours. 


Now what? 

Baby tights wasn't a planned product (not at this stage, anyways) but we'd be crazy to ignore the feedback. So, we need your help. 

Use the comment section below to let us know your thoughts on

  1. "Yes, I'd buy these in a heartbeat"; "No, you're dreamin' my friend" 
  2. Size preferences
  3. Colors you'd want to see
  4. Special features that are important to you
  5. How much would you spend for a pair? 

Can't promise these are going to happen but with enough enthusiasm they may just bring themselves to life!

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