Lotus, the Heart Opening Mudra - 30 Weeks of Mudras


While in Bali earlier this year the KOOSHOO team, inspired by their surroundings, did a series of Instagram tutorials for 30 different Mudras. Once a week over the next 30 weeks we will be featuring a new mudra to add to your tool kit for well-being.

Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the Balinese people, we shot each mudra in front of a beautiful handcrafted Balinese door. We hope it helps transport you there.

This week’s mudra is the LOTUS MUDRA.

Description and Meaning

The Lotus Mudra opens the heart chakra and is a symbol of purity. A lotus flower sits on the surface of the pond, opening to the sun as its roots remain deeply embedded into the muddy bottom, holding it firm and strong. It is the symbol of light and beauty emerging from the darkness.

The message of the lotus mudra is to stay connected to your roots, open yourself to the light and realize that the greatest sense of steadiness in life is an open heart.

How to do the Lotus Mudra

Sit cross-legged (or any easy seated position), bring the base of the palms together at the heart centre, touching the thumbs and pinky fingers together. Spread the rest of the fingers out like the lotus flower opening toward the sunlight. Close your eyes and take several deep, long breaths.

There are many variations of this mudra that serve to offer something a little extra. The floating mudra is a great extension to try: inhale and slowly float (lift) the flower from your heart up to your third eye (forehead) and then exhale, slowly drawing it back to hearts centre. Continue this for as long as you desire.


After this mudra you should feel grounded and strong like a lotus flower, while opening your heart to the joys of life.

The Lotus Mudra drains out misunderstanding, helps to release tension, and is also practiced to enhance the fire element in the body. It is a great reminder of the beauty and grace that is within you and those around you.

You can use it for cultivating love and affection, to ease loneliness, and can also be practiced when one feels drained, exploited or misunderstood.

Take some time to open your heart.

Why we Love the Lotus Mudra

We love this mudra as it is a visual representation of the sacred space of the heart. It is also a gesture of expansion from that space, an opening or a blossoming. 

We’ll soon be unveiling a wonderful meditation video to accompany this mudra. Visit our YouTube channel or Pinterest for a number of meditations and 'how to wear' videos.

What we are Wearing

Rachel is wearing her Organic Cotton Twist Headband. This item is loved for its luscious folds of organic cotton fabric, that can be worn wide to cover the crown of the head or folded over for a more sporty look. It works as a perfect head covering for Kundalini yoga.



If you know of someone in your life that would benefit from use of this mudra then please share your knowledge forward. Mudras are incredible healing tools that we can all benefit from. We would appreciate if you could share this link. Thank you.  

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