Too Small to Make a Difference? Try Sleeping in a Room with a Mosquito


I love how evocative this quote is.

When I read it, I experience it. There's likely not a soul among us that hasn't experienced the buzz of a mosquito in an otherwise quiet room. The sound dominates. A hardly visible creature is suddenly the most notable presence in even the biggest room.   

I was introduced to this quote by a friend, Lisa Borden, who is a magician as a business coach (read her insightful interview of us here). She works with small businesses looking to find a voice and turns them into that mosquito - the little presence that, even if tiny, is making a difference on a grand scale. 

I use this quote as constant reference anytime the pressure of growing a small business becomes too much - which is to say: often. What I love is that it so viscerally reminds that you don't need to be the elephant in the room to succeed at being heard.

It's the perfect metaphor for all us budding difference-makers to just keep going down the path less traveled. We can make a huge difference, no matter our size. 

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