Upgrade Your Hair Accessories with Plastic-Free Hair Ties: The Gentle, Sustainable, and Stylish Alternative!

In 2012 KOOSHOO launched the world's first ever commercially-made plastic-free hair ties. Over the past decade not only has that original innovation spawned an entire industry to follow-suit, we've also continued to push said industry through our constant innovation. 

But here's the thing we continue to encounter every single day in our personal lives: even the most conscientious consumers have often never realized that every ponytail holder they've ever used has been made of plastic - at least that was the case up until KOOSHOO showed up. 

So here for all those that are new to the concept of a plastic-free hair elastic, or those that simply want some extra fodder for when they evangelize about the importance of moving to plastic-free with their friends, we have a top 4 list of why choosing plastic-free hair ties is so important, plus a bonus point that is just as important. 

Plastic-free hair bands vs conventional hair ties

Lets first address the point that might have you most confused: what are all my hair ties actually made of?

The simple answer: petroleum-derived fabrics. Those fabrics often come disguised in friendly-sounding euphemisms like polyester, luon, spandex, nylon... But don't be fooled, those are all just made-up words for plastic. 

And until KOOSHOO came along, every commercially-made hair tie in the world was being made from plastic - and for the most part, they still are. 

So what's the problem with that? They are tiny after all.

We've done some deep dives on this that are worth your time - like how 15 million plastic hair ties are lost or tossed daily in the USA alone - but in its simplest form the problem is waste on a massive scale. Those hair ties you wore as a child? Well, they still exist somewhere in their entirety. In fact, every hair tie you've ever worn (not made by KOOSHOO) still exists somewhere! And with 8 billion people now on this globe with a minimum of 2 billion looking to put their hair up daily, that's a problem that on an individual level may indeed be tiny but on a global scale, it's an environmental disaster. 

That's the problem; now for the solution.

If you're looking for a hair accessory that's both environmentally friendly and gentle on your hair, then plastic-free hair ties are the perfect choice. But why specifically choose plastic-free hair ties over conventional (plastic) hair ties? Here are four of the top reasons:

  1. Plastic-free hair ties are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton and natural rubber. These materials are biodegradable, meaning they break down safely and naturally over time. Of the earth, then back to the earth. In contrast, conventional hair ties are typically made from synthetic materials that take hundreds of years to biodegrade and release harmful chemicals and debris (micro-plastics) into the environment when they do.

  2. Plastic-free hair ties are kinder to your hair. Unlike conventional hair ties, which can cause damage and breakage, plastic-free hair ties are gentle on your hair and help to maintain its natural health and shine. Have you ever held organic cotton in one hand, and polyester in the other? The difference is tactile, and that says nothing of organic cotton's ability to breathe, while polyesters are akin to wrapping your hair in saran-wrap. This makes plastic-free hair accessories a great option for people with sensitive scalps or brittle hair.

  3. Plastic-free hair ties are better for the environment. By choosing plastic-free hair ties, you're helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and the ocean. This not only protects wildlife and ecosystems, but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the hair accessory industry. We go deep on all KOOSHOO's commitments to sustainability on our much-vaunted Sustainability page

  4. Plastic-free hair ties are stylish and versatile. Just because they're environmentally friendly doesn't mean they're any less fashionable than conventional hair ties. We'd argue the opposite and publications like Goop, Vogue, Forbes, People, Good Morning America, and more, have all agreed in their write-ups about KOOSHOO. Our plastic-free hair ties come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to suit your look.

Pretty simple, really. If you can have a product that works better, looks better, and is better for the future of our planet, why not make the switch to the world's best plastic-free hair ties, and bring your friends along for the journey? 

plastic-free hair ties

The points above will be enough to convince most to make the switch today but there's one more massive reason to switch to supporting a plastic-free company like KOOSHOO and that's ethics. 

The Ethical Implications of buying Plastic-Free

In addition to being environmentally friendly, it's also important to consider the ethical implications of the products we buy. This is particularly true in the fashion and hair accessory industries, where many products are made in factories using cheap labor and sub-par working conditions.

Ethical manufacturing refers to the practice of producing products in a way that is fair, responsible, and sustainable. This includes ensuring that workers are paid fair wages, provided with safe and healthy working conditions, and not subjected to exploitation or abuse.

Supporting brands that practice ethical manufacturing is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to ensure that the workers who make our products are treated fairly and with dignity. Secondly, it helps to promote sustainability and responsibility within the fashion and hair accessory industries. And thirdly, it encourages other companies to adopt ethical manufacturing practices in order to stay competitive.

When choosing plastic-free hair ties, it's important to consider not only their environmental impact, but also the conditions under which they were made. Look for brands that are transparent about their manufacturing practices and are committed to ethical and sustainable production. While many copycats have popped up to KOOSHOO - many of which just copy and paste our writings - it's critical to also ask how those products were made. 

A company that is proud of their ethics, like we are here at KOOSHOO, will loudly and proudly tell you all about the people and processes behind our products (like this story about the team of Nuns that make our best-selling Flats hair ties) Those that don't say anything about where their products are made, or by whom, are effectively telling you: "don't ask us because it's not a pretty story". 

kooshoo founder in india at manufacturer

KOOSHOO co-founder, Jesse, with the Fairtrade certified team making our Flats Hair Ties

By supporting ethical brands like KOOSHOO, you're not only helping to protect the environment and your hair, but you're also contributing to a more ethical and responsible fashion industry. 


So why not make the switch to plastic-free hair ties today? Not only will you be doing your part to protect the environment, but you'll also be treating your hair to a more natural and healthy alternative. Join the growing movement of consumers who are choosing sustainable hair accessories and make the switch today!

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