Small Changes, Big Love: How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without hurting the planet

It’s February, and love is in the air (and the water, the forests, and the mountains, hopefully). A lot of us celebrate love a little more this time of year (as if we need an excuse) and we’re here for it. But since it’s 2022, we thought this special day could use a bit of an update… Here are some ways to celebrate all forms of love without compromise, with a special nod to our LOVE for the planet. 

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is all about roses, chocolates and love-laced greeting cards. While all of these sweet gestures seem simple and harmless enough, dig a little deeper and you’ll see that we could all be making better choices. We’re not here to trash traditions, but let’s look into ways we can show love without 

KOOSHOO plastic-free pale pink scrunchies surrounded by pink rose petals for valentines day

DIY Love Letters:

The card aisle is all lit up in red and pink this time of year, but if you think about it, many of the cards on the shelves aren’t recyclable. The glitter, glues and dyes that make them shine also make them prime landfill material. This one is a no-brainer. Make a card out of recycled paper - and include a note that comes from the heart. 

Love in Bloom:

Did you know that roses are often flown in from around the world because they don’t grow locally in February in most places. They’re also often pumped full of pesticides and fertilizers that pollute the groundwater. Not a very romantic thought, is it? Go off-script and give the gift of a house plant instead. Who doesn’t love a succulent or a fiddle leaf fig? A gorgeous bit of green that you can nurture together. 

Raise the Bar:

Chocolate is another staple and we totally get it. We TOTALLY get it. But this sweet treat can be super sketchy when it comes to waste. There is nothing to love about those giant heart boxes filled with plastic wrappers. Where and how chocolate is made can also be a bitter subject. Plan ahead and track down some organic, fair trade chocolates from local companies if chocolate is your partner’s love language. Other options? Pick something up from a small, local bakery to support your neighbors. Or better yet, whip up something sweet in your own kitchen!

Stay Close:

If a special dinner is on the agenda, make a few tweaks. Buy local ingredients, cook together and bonus points if you dine by candlelight (sweats on, hair up). Or visit a local restaurant that sources their products close by, or a zero-waste place you’ve been excited to try. Don’t be afraid to take your leftovers home (better yet BYO sustainable doggy bag!) An easy swap that will make you both feel good. 

A few other zero-waste ideas to show your love this Valentine’s Day? 

  • Plan an adventure: Life is about experiences, not things. 
  • Create a book of “coupons” for everything from a foot rub to taking out the compost. 
  • Give the gift of good hair: Send your girlfriends eco-friendly hair accessories! What a nice surprise (and lots of shades of pink (LINK) and red (LINK)). Nothing says love like super soft organic cotton! 
  • Get outside: Whether it’s taking a walk with your loved one, packing a picnic or climbing a mountain, spending time together doing something active costs nothing - and you get to enjoy the fresh air that you helped create!

Lots of LOVE, the KOOSHOO Team

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