Invest In This, Not That: Three Sustainable Hair Swaps For A Better Planet (Part 3)

This is the third and final post in a 3-part series "Invest In This, Not That: Three Sustainable Hair Swaps For A Better Planet." In our previous post, we focused on scrunchies and the importance of non-toxic, low-impact dyes when choosing your throwback hair accessory. Part 3 of this series is all about headbands and organic cotton. Read on!

(Missed the first two? No problem. View Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

Organic Cotton to the Rescue: Sustainable Headbands

Did you know that conventional cotton covers only 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land and yet uses up to 16% of the world’s insecticides? It’s a crop that is extremely hard on our earth and the people and communities where it’s grown. The research is clear that conventional insecticides make their way into waterways and pollute far downstream from where they are applied. And, the impacts of insecticides on the very insects we need to keep the planet turning (see: bees) are real and devastating. This is why we stand firm behind our commitment to only source organically grown cotton for all our products, including our headbands and hair wraps.

Go Organic

Conventional headbands and hair wraps (when not made from synthetic, plastic materials) are often composed of, well, conventionally-produced cotton and even through multiple processing steps, insecticides can be often be left behind. For a material that spends so much of its time on your head and around your neck or face, it’s important that it be free of toxic ingredients.

Beyond the environmental impact of cotton production, conventional headbands are a product that typically only have one purpose: as a headband. We decided to take a different approach with ours and make them something multi-purpose. When thought of in this way, a single headband eliminates the need for multiple, separate products, saving you money in the long run. Shop our headbands, hairbands, and hair wraps and find the perfect multi-functional accessory for your head and face!

A profile photo of Katrin wearing a blue Kooshoo headband with her blonde hair in a top knot bun.

Invest & Save

Purchasing sustainably-made hair accessories feels like an investment because they are. Not only are you choosing more sustainable ingredients (and by association, more sustainable production practices) but you’re also making the system of production better, and helping our blue planet out at the same time.

When you think of it in this way, making the switch seems like a no-brainer. By investing in smaller quantities of higher-quality goods, you’re doing yourself, the planet, and the makers who made those products a big favour. And of course, your hair and head thank you for keeping it healthy and toxin-free!

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"The best hair tie I've ever used. The fact that it adheres to my standards of a planet friendly product is a bonus!"
- Melody P.

"You guys, these scrunchies are ridiculous. I have THICK hair and I'm so pumped that not only can I wrap it around my hair twice, but it stays in without slowly falling out."
Sarah L

"I think the headband is my favourite one I have ever worn to be honest!!"
Kaitlynn M.