The Revolution that is Changing Fashion

It's Fashion Revolution week

Fashion should feel good. And since kooshoo means feeling good, let's go with fashion should feel kooshoo

Today marks the start of Fashion Revolution week, a "global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry", as outlined by the non-profit driving the movement.

The movement was born under the most tragic circumstances.

On April 24th, 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,138 people in an instant. We have documented that tragedy each year since on our blog - including the pieces "Why Do Supermarkets Sell Jeans" and "4 Ways you Can Take Part in the Fashion Revolution". 

While those lives will forever be mourned and missed, they did not die in vain. A united global movement of brands, educators, manufacturers and customers has risen up to demand better and the world of fashion is changing as a result. 

The premise behind the movement is simple: we can all love fashion, but our clothes should not come at the cost of people or our planet.

Making a difference is easier than you may think. Here's how in 3 easy steps:

1. Be Curious

Start looking at the clothing in your closet and on the store rack with a different eye. Continue to ask yourself, "does this look good on me", but next time the answer is "yes", add: "what's the story behind this garment?". 

Simply by asking this question - by being curious - fashion will start to look different. 


2. Find Out


As a brand, we want you to reach out to us to ask about where our clothing and accessories come from. We're all about transparency and will always be honest with you. Most things we're extremely proud of, while some areas we're looking to be better. What's consistent is we'll always tell you the truth. 

Any brand worth your time should respond to you with honesty when you reach out. If a brand doesn't tell you the truth, or skirts around a topic, then consider it a red flag.

Our Scrunchies are made at a Fairtrade certified facility in Southern India that's owned and operated by Nuns. Profits from this facility are used to fund a cancer-treatment centre, orphanages, and more. Read about Who Makes our Hair Ties and Why it Matters here. 

Even the most ethically and sustainably minded companies in the world have room for improvement. They'll be the first to admit this.

We like to think of fashion as existing on an equilibrium with "evil fashion" at one end and "perfect fashion" at the other. What you want to be looking for are the companies that are pushing towards the perfect end of the spectrum. They may not be close (perfection in this industry is not actually possible), but they should be showing a deliberate effort to get there. 

As for our team here at KOOSHOO, when we hear from you, we absolutely listen. Your comments and questions spur us to be better. This always applies to little brands like ours (one more reason to shop from small business), just as we hope it does for the big guys.  


3. Do Something

This is the best part. You ARE a difference maker if you want to be. This industry relies upon your buy-in and, if that buy-in is lost, the industry has no choice but to change.

You have two weapons of incredible power: your wallet and your voice. 

By putting your money behind fashion that looks good AND does good, you are supporting the growth of an industry. Not only does this reward the people and businesses doing things the right way, it makes the not-so-good businesses take notice. 

Speaking as the co-owner of a brand in this game, I can tell you in all honesty that every dollar counts. Whenever a sale comes in, we do a happy dance. Literally. Every dollar is properly allocated and means another opportunity to do better - and that's what we're in this for. 

Your voice in our connected world is so powerful. In our personal lives, hardly a week goes by without hearing from someone that simply by learning about KOOSHOO's mandate and advocacy, they've started seeing clothing differently. They've started asking questions, being curious, and thus changing their consumption habits. These people are telling their friends and families of their new perspective and so on and so forth. 

This is how movements take hold.

Our Rounds Hair Ties are made by a 4th generation family business in Japan. Japanese craftsmanship that's both fair and exacting. This is why our Rounds are on average 2-3 times stronger than any other round hair tie. Learn more about them here

The Fashion Revolution Movement

Fashion Revolution is about education (as above) and action. 

This week, join the movement by turning your favourite garment inside out and posting a selfie of you wearing said garment with the tag facing outwards. 


When you post the selfie, tag the brand you're calling on and also use the hashtag #whomademyclothes to join the global community working together to bring change to fashion. Together, let's hold fashion accountable

What Makes KOOSHOO an Ethical Fashion Brand?

New to KOOSHOO and want to know what makes us a transparent and ethical fashion company and what it takes to be one? 

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