Your Guide to Green Holiday Stocking Stuffers

We share 6 of our favourite eco stocking stuffers that guarantee to delight!


(Quite update: Instagram contest is now closed!)

Stocking stuffers have long been a vessel for cheap thrills and candy that - let's be honest - end up in a landfill or leave you with a toothache. 

This holiday season, we're here to help change that connotation. There are so many cool companies out there doing amazing, good-for-the-world work. The challenge is that most of them you've probably never heard of so it's understandable that you don't know where to start. 

In building a conscious business we've come to know some incredible, game-changing brands that everyone should know. They're makers that create products that are thoughtful, built to last and are free from harmful ingredients and materials. In other words, they're makers that do good by gift givers, gift recipients and the environment. 

They also happen to all be companies run by inspiring women.  

Below we present six of our favorite green stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to delight. The list skews towards products for women so gentlemen that are reading, this is your holiday shopping list made easy. 

Best of all, we're giving away everything on this list to one lucky Instagrammer next week (contest now closed). Read to the bottom to enter the contest. This is a retail value of $274!  



Mala beads are sets of beads traditionally used for prayer and meditation. They can be worn by anyone seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit - hence why they are perfect for meditation.

Mala Collective makes our favorite malas for meditation and fashion. They feature transcending gemstones such as Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Moonstone and Amethyst, bringing different qualities and intentions into each piece. All of their mala beads are handmade in Bali, fair trade and sustainably harvested. They are also blessed and cleansed after completion.

The Mala pictured, the I AM DIVINE Mala, is a favorite of ours. It's made of mixed moonstone and rudrashkas. The moonstone provide balance and encourages harmonious relationships while the rudrashkas calm the nervous system and quiet the mind.



Studies have shown that we consume a lot of lipstick during our life - 3 to 7 lbs by many estimates. With most lipsticks on the market containing harmful chemicals, such as neuro-toxic lead (!!!), those pounds of lipstick aren't doing our health any favors!

Axiology makes gorgeous lipsticks that are formulated with pure, organic, high-quality ingredients like organic coconut oil and avocado butter. They never test on animals and their ingredients are 100% vegan. They also give back by supporting women artisans in Bali, environmental concerns, and animal welfare programs. They lovingly hand make all their lipstick in beautiful Bend, Oregon. 

Rachel, KOOSHOO's co-founder, is a devoted fan and tells you everything you need to know about the brand:

"It's the only lipstick I wear. It feels fantastic on my lips. It's never sticky. It doesn't smudge. I love that it's so good for me that I could eat it. The colors are spectacular and the packaging is stunning". 



"All natural" gets used rather liberally these days, especially when it comes to skincare. The truth is, you'll be hard pressed to find anything more natural than the beautiful products by S.W. Basics. Equally, you'll be in tough to find skincare that works better. 

Every product they make, including our favorites (the Toner, Day Serum (perfect for dry winter days) and the Geranium Salve), have five or fewer ingredients. Refreshingly, you don't need a chemistry degree to recognize the ingredients and everything used is organic, fair trade or sourced from family farms.

For frequent flyers they offer all their products in airport-friendly travel sizes which just happen to be stocking-stuffer friendly too. 

4) ORGANIC, LOOSE-LEAF TEA by Harmony Herbals


We drink a lot of tea here at KOOSHOO.

Enter Harmony Herbals, a purveyor of the highest quality natural herbal products from all over the world. Their offerings include everything from organic, hand-blended herbal teas to herbal vaporizer blends. Their teas - which we adore - are artisanal varieties expertly blended with the highest quality fragrant herbs and plants for gentle (and delicious) therapeutic effects. We especially love Peace Tea (pictured) for it's ability to calm both body and mind. 

Whether you are looking for relaxation, an energy boost, or simply an amazing tasting tea for quiet moments, Harmony Herbals is a wonderful place to start - plus their teas come in perfect stocking-stuffer sized pouches :)



What if you were offered the best performing hair tie of your life and then found out that not only is it plastic free (it won't be kicking around in a landfill LONG after you're gone) but that it's made of wondrously soft organic cotton? You'd probably be pretty excited and you wouldn't be alone.

Our plastic-free, organic hair ties have reached a tipping point due to celebrity endorsements and word of mouth where we can barely keep them in stock. They're the only organic cotton hair ties in the world, they’re ethically made in California, they're washable, they don't pull your hair and they last.

They also happen to fit perfectly in a stocking and on your wrist. 

You know what else fits perfectly in a stocking? An artist dyed, 100% unique organic cotton headband for your yoga, jogging or meditation practice. That's exactly what our newly re-stocked Organic Twist Headbands are! 

On Norfolk Island, where we spend much of our time (and where our name is from), there's a saying for products like this: "ka beet et!" In other words, "you can't beat it for anything in the world".

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Win ALL of These Green Stocking Stuffers 


We've brought every product in this guide together to create the ultimate gift package and will be giving it away for free at the end of this week via an Instagram competition. 

The package, with a retail value of $274, will ship December 12th so should be to you (for you or someone special) in time for Christmas. 

To enter, 

  1. Open up your Instagram account 
  2. Follow @feelingkooshoo, @malacollective, @axiology_beauty@swbasicsofbk and @harmonyherbals - you’ll thank us later ;)

  3. Comment on this post by tagging 2 friends and using hashtag #ecostocking

Contest ends at midnight PST on Sunday, December 11, 2016, and is open to Instagrammers worldwide. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 12th, and has 24 hours to claim the prize before a new winner is drawn. 

Total retail value of the package is $274 and we'll cover the cost of shipping. We will try our best to have it to you for Christmas but cannot make any guarantees. 

Good luck,


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"The best hair tie I've ever used. The fact that it adheres to my standards of a planet friendly product is a bonus!"
- Melody P.

"You guys, these scrunchies are ridiculous. I have THICK hair and I'm so pumped that not only can I wrap it around my hair twice, but it stays in without slowly falling out."
Sarah L

"I think the headband is my favourite one I have ever worn to be honest!!"
Kaitlynn M.