Yoni, the Mudra to Quiet the Mind - 30 Weeks of Mudras

While in Bali earlier this year the KOOSHOO team, inspired by their surroundings, did a series of Instagram tutorials for 30 different mudras. Once a week over the next 30 weeks we will be featuring a new mudra to add to your tool kit for well-being.

Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the Balinese people, we shot each mudra in front of a beautiful handcrafted Balinese door. We hope it helps transport you there. 

This week's mudra is the YONI MUDRA. Once you master this one, be sure to refresh your mudra skills with tutorials for LotusGyanPrayerBuddham, Varun and Shuni mudras. A link for each, along with their outcome, is below. 


Description and Meaning

The Yoni Mudra helps to completely detach from the chaos of the outer world and quiet the mind. Its name is derived from the word Yoni, which means "uterus", because like a  baby in the uterus, the practitioner has no external contact with the world and, therefore, no externalization of consciousness. 

Practicing this, one finds their nervous system calmed and stabilized.  

How to do the Yoni Mudra

Assume a comfortable posture, like seated cross-legged, remembering to always keep your head and back straight and upright. Bring palms together with the fingers and thumbs straight and the thumbs pointing towards the sky. Then turn the pinky, ring and middle fingers inwards so that the back of the fingers are touching. Take slow, deep breaths. 

This can be integrated with other yoga practices or done on its own. 


The Yoni Mudra helps in quieting the mind of the practitioner. Practicing this helps the nervous system to be calmed and stabilized, allowing you to redirect your attention inward. 

Why we Love the Yoni Mudra

For one, it's a great mudra to bring up during an awkward dinner party silence. The name alone will enliven conversation, even if the outcome - a calmed nervous system - isn't nearly as sexualized as the name may suggest. 

This mudra is lovely when incorporated into our meditation and yoga practice. It's a viscerally healing, meditative gesture that brings you inward and soothes both mental and physical anxiety. 


If you know of someone in your life that would benefit from use of this mudra then please share your knowledge forward. Mudras are incredible healing tools that we can all benefit from. We would appreciate if you could share this link.

Thank you.

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