Buddha, the Mudra of Concentration - 30 Weeks of Mudras


While in Bali earlier this year the KOOSHOO team, inspired by their surroundings, did a series of Instagram tutorials for 30 different mudras. Once a week over the next 30 weeks we will be featuring a new mudra to add to your tool kit for well-being.

Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the Balinese people, we shot each mudra in front of a beautiful handcrafted Balinese door. We hope it helps transport you there.

This week’s mudra is the BUDDHA MUDRA (also known as DHYANA Mudra). Be sure to also check out the previous 3 mudra tutorials: Prayer MudraGyan Mudra and Lotus Mudra.

Description and Meaning

The Buddha Mudra promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy. This makes it helpful in conditioning the mind for meditation.

Tradition leads us to believe that this mudra was the one that Buddha practiced in his meditation under the Bodhi tree before his Enlightenment.

This gesture has been used throughout time by yogis during their meditation and concentration exercises.

The gentle touch of the thumbs act as a point of feedback. If you fall asleep the thumbs fall apart. If you find yourself thinking hard, the thumbs will push too firmly together.

How to do the Buddha Mudra

Place the right hand palm-up on the lap, then, rest the fingers and back of the left hand on top of the right hand. Now let the thumbs connect in a vertical circle. Your hands should rest against the lower abdomen. You might like to use a thin cushion or a blanket to rest your palms upon if you need to raise them to sit at a position that allows your spine to remain erect.


With your hands near your centre of gravity, your body will concentrate on very gentle and subtle levels. This in turn will help your mind concentrate and encourage healing to wholeness. Using it creates the perfect balance of thought, resting the senses, and aiding in tranquility.

Regular and consistent practice, along with slowly increasing the duration of practice, releases the tension, stress and confusion that so often keeps the mind in turmoil.

Why we Love the Buddha Mudra

Buddha Mudra is one of my most used mudras. Anytime I come to my mat to practice or meditate, I find myself drawn to the Mudra as a way to ground and balance myself. It's connected, circular nature leaves me with a feeling of wholeness, or completion. Combined with long, steady deep breathing, it's sure to bring you back to your natural resting state. 

What we are Wearing

Leilani is wearing her Organic Cotton Twist headband, in Grounding Grey.



If you know of someone in your life that would benefit from use of this mudra then please share your knowledge forward. Mudras are incredible healing tools that we can all benefit from. Feel free to share this link.

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