Women’s Headband Style Guide


Headband Styles for Women

If we have one goal aside from transitioning the world to a sustainable future, it’s this: to strike the balance between form and function with all our products. We believe that you don’t need to sacrifice style to support Mother Earth. With our women’s headbands, we wanted to create a fashionable accessory that also serves a purpose.

Whether you’re sweating it out at hot yoga or catching some sleep on a red-eye flight, our organic women’s headbands are a versatile and trendy addition to any wardrobe.

Here are some of the many ways you can use our 100% organic, super durable, sweat-wicking women’s headbands:

Workouts: Yoga, Barre, running and working out at the gym — anything that gets your blood pumping.

Sports: Crossfit, tennis, dance, soccer, touch football, ultimate frisbee, climbing, skiing… A good sports headband should be breathable, sweat-wicking, comfortable and non-invasive. All our headbands have been designed to be exactly that. And if you’re into sports, be sure to also check out our plastic-free, non-slip Hair Ties.

Sun protection: Keep your the sun at bay and the sweat away while out hiking, relaxing at the beach and tending to that veggie garden.

Fashion: We meticulously plan our seasonal colors to ensure your headband is an accessory that will work with every outfit.

Function: Hold long hair back, cover grey roots, use as an eye mask, or wear as an organic head cover when going through chemotherapy. Our women’s headbands can be worn anytime, anywhere, for anything.

With three styles to choose from, we have a headband for everyone. Below is a breakdown of each of our three popular headband styles: the SKINNY, the TWIST, and the TIE.

The Plastic-Free Headband for Eco-Conscious Shoppers: the SKINNY


Our plastic-free Skinny headbands are delicate by design but durable by nature. Made from one-of-a-kind organic cotton and blended with natural rubber elastic, these lightweight headbands are strong enough to hold long hair back but dainty enough to wear as a fashion accessory.

Made using the same materials as our top-selling organic hair ties, the Skinny headband is plastic-free and 100% biodegradable. This makes it perfectly suited to those looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Key Features of the Organic Skinny Headband

  • This thin headband wraps twice around your head to provide for styling options and a super secure fit

  • Made from 100% plastic-free materials, making this GOTS certified organic cotton and natural rubber headband one of the only plastic-free headbands in the world.

  • A re-tieable knot allows you to customize the size to your head

  • Ethically made in Los Angeles by family businesses that dye, cut and sew the headbands. By choosing to support a small business like KOOSHOO, you’re making a real difference in the lives of the garment workers making the products.

  • Wear the headband at your forehead for the classic hippy headband look or bring it up to the hair-line for a more athletic vibe.

  • Machine-washable: lay flat to dry, spin on “gentle” to restore original fit

Headband Reviews for Women: The SKINNY

Sometimes one single, passionate review will sum up everything you could want to know about a headband. The recently-received review below does just that:


The Best Selling Women’s HEADBAND: The TWIST


Our best-selling headband for women is the Twist headband: a wide, comfortable headband with a single twist. The wide band allows you to spread the fabric out on your head, eliminating the pressure or headaches that often occur with other headbands.

These versatile headbands are made from a blend of the finest organic cotton and spandex, and are available in “Classic” solid colors and “Batik” hand-dyed colors. The Classic includes a 1” window made from Tencel, a sustainably harvested material from eucalyptus trees.

Organic cotton has the added benefit of being super breathable. Our skin is our most porous organ, so it’s important to allow your skin to breathe out the toxins that you're exerting, especially during vigorous exercise.

You can style the Twist headband in many different ways:

  • With the twist in the front to create a turban-style headband

  • With the twist at the nape of the neck for a wide style (and to prevent slipping during exercise)

  • Dress it up for going out or dress it down for the gym; it also functions as a sun cover, meditation cover, a sleep mask, or even a face mask while on the slopes


  • The perfect headband for yoga, running, getting to & from

  • Made from incredibly soft, sweat-wicking organic cotton

  • Available in Classic and Batik colors

  • Designed with a twist for endless styling options

  • Hand-dyed in a solar-powered dye house

  • Machine-washable: lay flat to dry, spin on “gentle” to restore original fit

  • Ethically made in downtown Los Angeles

  • One size fits most: organic cotton will relax to your body after a few uses


  • 93% GOTS certified organic cotton, 7% spandex

  • Dyed by hand using traditional Batik technique

  • CARE: wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry

Headband Reviews for Women: The TWIST

We sell a lot of Twist Headbands and there are a lot of happy customers out in the world. Below are some of their first-hand experiences with the Twist Headband. There are TONS more where those came from so check out the reviews for each color on our website.



Our Tie headbands are perhaps the most versatile women’s headbands ever. With strong and durable ties made from sustainably harvested Tencel, this headband is guaranteed to be one-size-fits-all. It adjusts to fit those who consider their head to be big, small, or anywhere in between.

Closer to a traditional bandana, the Tie headband is a great option for those looking for an organic alternative. The ties also allow for additional styling options, including the popular top-knot headband. They can be cinched in as tight or as loose as you’d like.

The band, made from 100% organic cotton, is ultra-soft and wicks sweat away with ease. Currently available in solid colors, our Tie headband is as popular on the yoga mat as it is at the beach or a music festival.


  • Versatile headband for any activity

  • Made from super soft, sweat-wicking organic cotton on top and eucalyptus-derived Tencel for the ties

  • Available in solid colors

  • Can be worn open as a bandana, folded in half, or tied in a bow for a trendy top knot

  • Ethically made in downtown Los Angeles

  • Machine-washable: lay flat to dry, spin on “gentle” to restore original fit

  • One size fits all


  • BODY: 93% GOTS certified organic cotton, 7% spandex

  • TIES: 100% Tencel (sustainably farmed from eucalyptus trees)

  • CARE: wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry

Headband Review for Women: The TIE

Our customer reviews for the Tie Headband confirm its versatility. Hop over to the website to read our customers satisfaction of how the Tie Headband keeps up with them, on the yoga mat and beyond.


Have a favorite style of headband that we haven’t thought of? We’d love to hear from you! We’re always on the lookout for new ways to bring ethical fashion to our community.

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"The best hair tie I've ever used. The fact that it adheres to my standards of a planet friendly product is a bonus!"
- Melody P.

"You guys, these scrunchies are ridiculous. I have THICK hair and I'm so pumped that not only can I wrap it around my hair twice, but it stays in without slowly falling out."
Sarah L

"I think the headband is my favourite one I have ever worn to be honest!!"
Kaitlynn M.