How I Embraced Traveling Bali in my Journey Shawl


By Mackenzie Green, KOOSHOO Guest Blogger

It’s been a long, cold winter here on the west coast but the season has finally shifted. And if there’s one thing that got me through the rain and snow, it’s memories of a tropical journey from a few months back.

In November, my partner and I swapped snow for sand on the beautiful beaches of Bali. For four weeks, we explored the island from bottom to top and back again. When we travel, we’re minimalists; so we took nothing but a single duffle bag between us. But there’s one item I never go on a trip without: my KOOSHOO Journey Shawl.

The Journey Shawl is the most versatile piece of clothing you’ll ever own. It’s a one-size-fits-all, 12-in-one garment that can be worn as a skirt, a shawl, a dress and more. It’s hand-dyed, soft-as-silk, and is made from Tencel — a fiber derived from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees.

I wore my Journey Shawl in some fashion almost every day of our trip. Here are three ways to style your own for the summer ahead or your next travel destination.

Style #1: Shawl as a Vest


Each morning, while my partner surfed, I’d throw on my Journey Shawl and wander over to the nearest yoga studio. Fortunately, yoga is never hard to find in Bali — whether you’re at the beach, in the jungle or up in the mountains.

The Journey Shawl is the perfect to-and-from garment for any activity. It’s breathable, provides coverage from the sun, and is easy to throw over your favorite active wear. And when you’re trekking up a cliffside in 38-degree heat to make a 6am Vinyasa, you definitely want something to keep the sun off your shoulders.

Some of my favorite studios are:

How to style The Vest:

Style #2: Shawl as a Dress (And Beach Blanket)


Many of the beaches in Bali are only accessible by hiking down some very steep cliffs. It’s hot and humid, and you won’t want to be carrying a heavy bag down (and back up) with you — especially with a surfboard under your arm. But you don’t need to stuff your bag with a towel, beach blanket and your clothes; the Journey Shawl has you covered for everything.

At the beach, the Journey Shawl does triple-duty as a cover-up, a blanket/towel, and a head wrap. It’s an all-in-one piece for a day at the beach, and when styled as a dress can carry you into an evening of dancing!

Some beaches to be sure not to miss:

  • Balangan Beach in the Bukit Peninsula
  • Bingin Beach in the Bukit Peninsula
  • Echo Beach in Canggu
  • Nyang-Nyang in Pecatu (if you’re up for the trek!)

How to style The Dress:

Style #3: Shawl as a Poncho


After beach-hopping for a couple of weeks, we were ready to get out into the jungle. So we traded in our scooter for a custom motorbike and embarked on a cross-island road trip.

We headed to Aling-Aling, a waterfall somewhere about halfway up the island. We hired a local guide and hiked through the jungle, stopping along the way for cliff jumping and swimming. The rushing water has also created a natural waterslide! If you’re brave enough, they’ll even let you go down headfirst.

As a poncho, the Journey Shawl was ideal for trekking. It protected me from getting too much sun, and was quick to pull off and on for swimming in the falls. I felt free and breezy and didn’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the jungle.

Here are a couple of must-see waterfalls:

  • Aling-Aling in Singaraja
  • Gitgit in Singaraja
  • Tegenungan in Gianyar

How to style The Poncho:

When you’re traveling, you never know where the day might take you — so versatile clothing is a necessity. That’s what makes the Journey Shawl the must-have travel piece; it can literally be worn anywhere.

Over the course of the month, I wore my Journey Shawl to the market, the temple, for day and for night (and everything in between). I even used it to keep warm on the plane both ways.

These are only three of the many ways to style your Journey Shawl. Check out the tutorials for all 12 styles here!

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