Before They're an "Overnight Success"


I love the notion of overnight success. It’s such a sexy idea.

Imagine starting something one day and being worldwide famous the next.

The one problem with this: it doesn’t exist. At least I’ve never seen an example to suggest it does.

The truth is behind every “overnight success” is an unfathomable amount of dedication and hard work that led to that point. It’s like the proverbial iceberg – the tip we see sure is pretty but it’s the mass underneath the water that nobody is seeing that's making the tip possible.

When Love Jules Leather explodes onto the world people will surely call it an overnight success. They'll say,

"Upstart Vancouver craft shoe makers reach global stardom"

Or something like that.

I know this because they’re going to be big. Like really big.

Josh and Jules, the owners of Love Jules Leather, are the two hardest working people we know. They make apprentice investment bankers look slovenly.


They have a small workshop/home/global HQ on the Eastside of Vancouver where they make shoes (and other fine leather goods) from daybreak to bedtime. They’re brilliant artists that have been building their business for years, walking a tightrope between the global demand for their products and the capacity that their hands – literally – can handle.


Every pair of shoes that comes out of their factory is made by hand. They’re made with an amount of love almost unheard of in our consumption-driven world. For good reason there’s a waiting list months – perhaps even years – long for their goods.

One of these days a tipping point is going to be reached and they’ll become worldwide famous. Of that I have no doubt. If I could put money down, I would.

Despite their insane schedule, when we approached them to collaborate on a few pairs of exclusive kids kicks for our crowdfunding campaign they said yes. They loved the pants as much as we loved their shoes and it was an opportunity to not only collaborate as entrepreneurs, but also as friends.

Together we selected 2 leather options that would turn heads wherever they went. They’re the coolest little kicks we’ve ever seen.


The catch to all of this is that Josh and Jules could commit to no more than 150 pairs. That’s it. That’s all. Once those 150 are made there won’t be any more.

They’re available exclusively through Package #9 in our Crowdfunding campaign.


When Love Jules Leather explodes onto the global kicks scene you’ll be able to show off your ‘lil kicks with pride, saying:

"I knew them before they were an overnight success"

* Long ago we made a commitment to make only products that would harm no animal. This collaboration is clearly an exception to this rule and not an exception we took lightly. In the end, we decided in this case a small amount of consciously sourced leather in exchange for supporting local, conscious, kind and caring entrepreneurs was a trade-off we were willing to make. 

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