Headband Sale: 20% Off Men's Headbands for Father's Day


20% Off Mens Headbands with Code: FATHERSDAY

Seven and a half months ago I got to join the very prestigious Dad club. 

I don't yet own my first pair of Dad jeans (perhaps it's just a matter of time) but I am the insanely proud father to a little girl that I fall in love with more every day. 

As a shout out to all the fellow Dads of the world, for the next 48 hours we've placed all our best selling Men's Headbands on sale at 20% OFF.  Use code - FATHERSDAY - at checkout. The sale ends at midnight Monday, June 22nd. 

3 Best Selling Mens Headbands

To make your shopping easy, below are our top 3 selling Men's Headbands. If looking for more info, be sure to read our Mens Headband Style Guide here. 




1. Left: the Black ENSO Headband for Men
2. Middle: the Crown Blue ENSO Batik Headband for Men
3. Right: the Limestone Grey HU Headband for Men


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"The best hair tie I've ever used. The fact that it adheres to my standards of a planet friendly product is a bonus!"
- Melody P.

"You guys, these scrunchies are ridiculous. I have THICK hair and I'm so pumped that not only can I wrap it around my hair twice, but it stays in without slowly falling out."
Sarah L

"I think the headband is my favourite one I have ever worn to be honest!!"
Kaitlynn M.