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Steve Jobs once gave a moving commencement address at Stanford in which he explained his 3 life lessons on how to live before you die.  The speech is a go-to anytime I'm needing a hit of inspiration and tonight, in looking back at the day's events, I couldn't help but think of his first point: make your decisions from the heart and always trust your intuition. Though the path may not always seem clear, Steve advises in the speech: with retrospect you’ll see that the dots always do connect

Today Garbrielle Bernstein, author of the New York Times bestseller May Cause Miracles, tweeted a photo of herself rocking (and loving) a KOOSHOO rasberry glow batik headband. Here's the backstory of how the dots connected, leading to this lovely tweet: 

Was just gifted a turban by kooshoo
— Gabrielle Bernstein (@GabbyBernstein) January 31, 2013

One of our dear friends, Emerson, is the founder of Karma Teachers, a non-profit organization that creates community for those that need it most by means of yoga and community-focused events. He, along with his partner Derek and marketing guru Josie (of the photo-video geniuses Pure Souls), are a source of constant inspiration to us here at KOOSHOO. They are living proof that it is in giving that we truly receive.

This is one of the principle reasons that we give a percentage of our profits to Karma Teachers, knowing full well that the community that Emerson and team are creating is one that changes lives.

Two weeks ago we were invited to join a Karma Teachers book club with the first book being May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. Truth be told, neither of us had heard of Gabrielle (Gabby) or her book (turns out she has 2 other excellent books out as well) at the time. Unfortunately we were due to be in LA for the beginning of the book club so had to turn down the first invite.


Rachel was in LA for a Kundalini Level 1 Teacher training refresher with Gurmukh at Golden Bridge Yoga LA. As fate would have it, following the second 14 hour day of training of the weekend, Gabrielle Bernstein herself would be at Golden Bridge Yoga to launch her latest book, May Cause Miracles – the exact book that Karma Teachers was covering in their book club.

Rachel attended the launch, along with a few hundred other keen disciples from greater Los Angeles and learnt that not only is Gabby’s teacher Gurmukh – who happens to also be Rachel’s teacher – but that she is currently doing her level 1 teacher training at the Golden Bridge New York. With serendipity in the air, Rachel purchased the book at the event, excited to share with Emerson the story of the coincidence and get the miracles flowing.

Two weeks later and back in Vancouver from a 10 day Pacific Coast roadtrip that opened our eyes and hearts (thank you Erin from, Amy in Portland and Ashley, Adam and family in Seattle) we saw Emerson, founder of Karma Teachers, post on facebook that he was going to be meeting with Gabrielle prior to her Vancouver speaking engagement for an interview on Shaw TV.

Seeing the dots connecting once again, we dropped off some of our favorite KOOSHOO products to Emerson and, within hours saw this wonderful Instagram from Gabby hit the twittersphere:


That’s where the dots have led us to date. Very excited to see where the dots take us next! 

The message here tonight: follow your heart and listen to your intuition, the signs to opportunity are everywhere though it’s on us to have our eyes and hearts open to seeing them

If you`re in Victoria please check out Gabrielle along with the amazing Danielle Laporte speaking tomorrow, Friday, Feb 1st, at the Victoria Yoga Conference. Guaranteed you`ll love it and who knows, perhaps reading this blog is the first dot on an incredible journey to come. 

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